How our CIOB membership proves we live our ethical values

We firmly believe we should practice what we preach. We often talk about our values, so you should be able to hold ourselves accountable for living up to them (after all, we pledge to always operate with integrity). 

Our professional body memberships are not just a tick box exercise designed to impress potential clients. They’re to show you that we care, and that organisations are proud to put their reputation on the line by stating that Hawes Construction Group meets their high standards. It’s that pride in our work and ownership that makes sure we deliver our promise to be the best we can be.  

One such registration we hold is with the chartered building company, the CIOB – and it’s an especially important connection for the team here at Hawes Construction Group.  

What is the CIOB? 

The CIOB is the abbreviation for the Chartered Institute of Building. It’s the “world’s largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership”. Since 1834, CIOB has committed to “uphold professional standards, drive innovation and support the industry’s people”. 

It’s a global organisation, and it also holds a Royal Charter. That means it must abide by even higher standards – and it’s members, like us, must too. 


How does the CIOB match our values at Hawes Construction Group? 

Our membership to the CIOB is so important to us, as it shows we’re recognised by a professional body who share our commitment to the construction industry of today and tomorrow. Some of the most meaningful connections we feel to the CIOB include: 

Quality of life – thinking about the people behind the builds and treating them with equity, fairness and respect so they can live comfortably and safely. 

Professional standards – only excellence can be expected in construction sector outputs, and we admire how the CIOB drives professional standards and champion innovation. 

Climate care – looking at the way the world is changing, and always learning how the industry can adapt to best protect the planet. 

Mental health – considering the mental health of those working in the sector. This is something that lies particularly close to our hearts here at Hawes Construction Group. (You can find more of our trusted sources for mental health support in our blog post here.) 


What does the CIOB do to champion the next generation of construction professionals? 

It’s no secret that we’re dedicated to making an impact on young people looking to carve careers in the construction industry. So it’s really important to us that the CIOB feels the same – and the organisation is proud of the way it supports the next generation to find jobs, and excel, in the sector. 

The CIOB knows it has a reputation to uphold. It does that by training and supporting young people or those new to the industry, with data, tools, degree qualifications and career investments. It’s also a place for members, like Sarra, to offer practical experience and support. 


Why our membership matters as we commit to shaping the future 

The CIOB states that its “chartered members are construction professionals with a common commitment to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards…recognised and respected internationally as the mark of true construction professionalism”. It’s a huge accolade, and it’s company we’re proud to keep.  

We look forward to even more opportunities to showcase our values, support others and remain committed to constructing excellence with the guidance of the CIOB. 

You can find out more about what it means to be a member of the CIOB, and perhaps even apply yourself, here 

We’re always happy to chat about our membership and how it enhances the way we work on your projects. You’ll find our contact details here 

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