Private residential client


1 year

The Brief

  • This project was commissioned by a private residential client, Paul Griffiths, who is the CEO of Dubai Airport, and a semi-professional organist.
  • Hawes Construction Group were asked to fully refurbish the basement of his home, as well as the three-storey music room.
  • This was to house a custom-built pipe organ, designed by the French master organ-maker Bernard Aubertin, which was to be made in Germany, taken apart and shipped to the UK, and then reassembled by a highly skilled team of French craftspeople.
  • This was the first pipe organ to be installed in a domestic property in 70 years, and is the largest classical pipe organ in a private home in the UK.
  • In the basement, we were also asked to construct a wine cellar, cinema room, and kitchen and dining area, as well as several other works in the rest of the house.

Our Solution

  • The building was an old schoolhouse in the Ashdown Forest, so we had to be respectful to the age and style of the property.
  • Hawes Construction Group worked closely with the designer chosen by the client, to ensure that we met their vision of the project, and achieved the desired final result.
  • The music room was specially designed to house the client’s pipe organ, and was completely refurbished, with polished plaster walls and state-of-the-art structural soundproof glass.
  • In the music room, we installed retractable seating for a 50-person audience, which was housed behind stylish sliding doors in the viewing gallery.
  • In the wine cellar, we created a plywood arch, and then finished the walls and ceilings with brick slips to give the appearance of a solid brick wall, which added character to the room.
  • We constructed a music studio adjacent to the music room, as well as a cinema room, hi-spec kitchen, and dining area.
  • The whole space was specially tailored to house all of the hi-tech specialist equipment needed by the client, which included top of the range sound systems and lighting.
  • The client also had an interest in model trains, so we constructed purpose-built shelving units in a corridor behind the organ to house his collection.

The Result

  • Hawes Construction Group finished the project to the highest standard. Our expertise and strong relationships with highly-skilled specialist contractors meant that we were able to deliver a highly specialist and luxurious finish to the property.
  • We were able to flexibly adapt to meet the client’s schedule and evolving requirements, and finished the project on time.
  • The finished result achieved the client’s vision, and accommodated all of his specialist requirements, equipment, and interests, leaving the client delighted with our work.

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