The Beacon

The Beacon

Legal and General

£322,000 + additional works

12 weeks, with an extension due to the pandemic

The Brief

  • The Beacon shopping centre is one of Eastbourne’s most popular shopping destinations.
  • Hawes Construction Group were contracted to put in two new sets of automatic sliding doors across the mall in two locations, and to install decorations for the mall’s feature ceilings.

Our Solution

  • Throughout, we worked with the centre to minimise disruption to the general public and local residents.
  • Initially, the majority of the work was to be completed at night, but due to the coronavirus lockdown, we were able to adapt and carry out much of the work during the daytime.
  • Temporary secure fencing was erected to create a safe workspace, and to protect public access.
  • In both locations, we installed new steel columns and beams to support the new glass panels, as well as new bulkheads. We also completed the electrical works for the project.
  • Groundworks were undertaken to form the foundations, which involved the removal of existing granite sections to accommodate the new steel columns.
  • The site was then ready for the installation of the doors, after which we refined the doors and surrounding areas to a clean and aesthetically appealing finish.

The Result

  • We finished the project on budget, and were able to flexibly adjust to the new timescale, which had been changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and delivery times from Europe.
  • The client received two new sets of fully functioning sliding doors, installed to the highest standard and in compliance with all safety measures and Covid-19 restrictions.
  • This meant that the wind and other elements coming into the shopping centre were reduced, creating an improved environment for customers and staff at The Beacon.

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