Mencap Nursing Home

Mencap Nursing Home



26 weeks

The Brief

  • Mencap is a nationwide charity that supports people with learning disabilities, as well as their families and carers.
  • Hawes Construction Group were approached by Mencap to completely refurbish a 10-bedroom nursing home, which was in a bad state of disrepair.
  • As a charitable organisation, they understandably had a tight budget, and needed a trustworthy contractor that would be able to accommodate this. That was where Hawes Construction Group came in.

Our Solution

  • Shortly before the works were due to start, the whole country went into lockdown, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • This made the financial status of the client more challenging, so we had to flexibly respond to their situation and find a solution that would work for everyone.
  • They didn’t initially have all of the money required for the refurbishment, so we agreed to begin the project, complete what we could with the money available, and then return to finish the project once the client had the means to fund it.
  • The refurbishment had a high electrical and mechanical specification – it needed to be possible for every resident of the home to have access to hot running water simultaneously, so that if every shower was turned on at once, there would be no shortages.
  • We converted a garage on the side of the building into a comfortable and functional office area for the staff.
  • The kitchen was fully refurbished and modernised.
  • The property was a beautiful old building, so we ensured that our refurbishments remained sympathetic to the age of the building. Wherever possible, we retained the period features of the house, and we installed traditional skirting in the living spaces.

The Result

  • Hawes Construction Group were able to totally transform the nursing home into a welcoming 10-bedroom care home, all with ensuite bathrooms, and with a bright kitchen and relaxing staff area.
  • We were able to flexibly accommodate the client’s budget, timescale, and changing financial situation, and we are proud to have supported a charitable organisation through a difficult period.
  • The client was very pleased with our work, as they now had comfortable accommodation for 10 vulnerable people. They were also impressed by the quality of our workmanship.
  • Once the project had been finished, the residents were able to move in immediately, into a purpose-built home that had been specially designed with their needs in mind.

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