Subsidence Works, Tonbridge

Subsidence Works, Tonbridge

Private Landlord/ JMLA (South East) Ltd


3 months

The Brief

  • The project was to restore and convert an old shopfront on a residential street.
  • The front of the property had dropped in the corner by 40mm, so this needed to be rectified and stabilised, then the shopfront removed and converted into a residential flat, with windows and a door at the front.
  • The property was already inhabited, so we had to accommodate the tenant in all of our work.
  • Hawes Construction Group were chosen to complete this project because of our attention to detail and transparency.

Our Solution

  • We tied the front elevation to the side elevation using steel poles, to account for the subsidence.
  • We completed crack stitch repairs on the side elevation of the property, using steel to tie all the brickwork together.
  • After discovering that the floor had also dropped, we raised the floor internally so that it was level.
  • To ensure that the renovation was sympathetic to the existing building, we took extra care and used our attention to detail to match the new bricks to those already in place.

The Result

  • Hawes Construction Group finished the project within the required timescale, and remained in constant contact with the landlord and tenant in order to reduce disruption.
  • We were able to deliver a fully habitable and structurally sound residential flat that was suitable for the tenant and was in keeping with the rest of the street.
  • The client was very happy with our work.

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