The Living Room, Brighton

The Living Room, Brighton

Living Room Health


10 weeks

The Brief

  • This project was to convert an old Paperchase store in Brighton city centre into a new high-street health clinic.
  • This would include a room for an MRI scanner with a Faraday cage, two consulting rooms, two soundproofed booths, and a reception area.
  • Hawes Construction Group were the main contractor for the project, with subcontractors for the mechanical, electrical, plastering and flooring works.

Our Solution

  • The main challenge of this project was the timescale, as we had to be finished by a certain date for the grand opening.
  • The MRI machine and Faraday cage were going to be installed in the basement by an external company. As this would be brought in through the front door, our in-house team propped from the basement to support the weight.
  • In preparation for the MRI machine installation, we formed an area to house the machine and strengthened the floor with structural steel.
  • Afterwards, we completed the basement works and plaster boarded the area.
  • As the scanner came in at a later date in the project, in the meantime we worked hard on the ground floor spaces.
  • The soundproof booths were formed in segments, and included acoustic material on one side, cushioning all around, as well as glass sliding doors which were completely soundproofed.
  • This also included a green wall with artificial foliage, and screens for virtual appointments.
  • We formed a welcoming reception and meeting area at the front.
  • The floor was very uneven, so we worked hard to form a level surface.
  • The site was in a busy shopping street, which meant that there was no parking and limited access at the front, and restricted access at the back, as well as multiple stakeholders at the rear who we worked alongside.
  • The electrical works became more complex over the course of the project, but through our expertise and hard work we completed this in the timescale.

The Result

  • This was an exciting project, with aspects like the MRI scanner and soundproof booths providing unique challenges
  • The client was very happy with our work, and we managed to finish within the timescale for opening.
  • The client was left with a welcoming and functional space where customers could have consultations and tests done in an innovative high street setting.

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