Robotic Demolition

Robotic Demolition has revolutionized how small demolition work can be carried out.

They are track mounted and very versatile and can be moved around a site through doorways, moved floor to floor by lift or they can climb stairs!

Despite their size, they are very powerful with a variety of uses and attachments.

They are powered by electricity; 3 phase supply is required. The operator can work the machine remotely with a handheld control panel at a safe distance away from the work being carried out. This in turn reduces the danger and also the impact on the operator regarding Hand arm vibration syndrome which can result in the debilitating ‘’Vibration White Finger’’ which is occupational Raynaud Disease.

We have used them to break up concrete slabs in confined environments where diesel fumes and loud noise are both harmful. We have also used them for digging trenches to enable new drain runs to be installed in existing buildings, namely Sainsbury’s supermarkets and Schools with only doorways for access (See Willingdon School case study).