Harry’s Bar, Bexhill-on-Sea

Harry’s Bar, Bexhill-on-Sea

National insurance company – regional office


12 weeks

The Brief

  • One of our longstanding clients, a leading insurance provider, asked us to complete a full refurbishment of their popular office café, Harry’s Bar, in their Bexhill-on-Sea location.
  • The entire kitchen and dining area needed renovating, including an extension to the existing canteen area, and a new cold room.
  • A new Costa coffee shop needed installing, and the whole space needed a cosmetic rejuvenation.
  • These refurbishments would enable the café to serve a higher volume of customers, and expand the menu to cater to a wider clientele and meet increasing demand.
  • Hawes Construction Group were employed as the main contractor to complete the whole project. Our existing relationship with the client meant that they came to us directly and we were able to negotiate the contract to suit their needs.

Our Solution

  • Harry’s Bar would continue serving cold food throughout the refurbishment, so we had to be mindful of noise and space constraints, to minimise any disruption to their work.
  • This meant that we were able to work efficiently during normal hours, making progress on both the kitchen and canteen area simultaneously.
  • We entirely stripped out the kitchen wall surfaces and cold room, then installed temporary partitions to minimise disruption to the rest of the café.
  • All kitchen appliances were removed to either be refurbished or replaced.
  • We improved all of the mechanical and electrical systems, cladded all of the walls, laid a new vinyl floor, and installed new servery counters.
  • The space was finished to a high standard, with decorations added to increase the aesthetic appeal.

The Result

  • We completed the project on time and on budget, flexibly allowing for changes in the client’s needs along the way.
  • Hawes Construction Group were able to deliver a fully refurbished kitchen and canteen, which was modern and refreshed, with all appliances up to date and functioning to a high standard.
  • The new arrangement, with an extended servery zone and reconfigured Costa coffee area, created a more efficient use of space, allowing the staff to serve a greater volume of customers. The client was also able to expand the menu, as the additional space meant that they were able to serve a wider variety of different items.
  • The kitchen and café staff had a much improved working environment, which was pleasant, usable, and fully functional.

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